As Guildford’s charming nature and history live on in quaint colonial buildings, where the influence of the English gentry is still played, our village maintains the same experience for residents. At Guildford Village one experiences beautiful outdoor areas with an abundance of greenery. Our gardens create a calming and peaceful environment so residents may remove themselves and emotionally regenerate, meditate or quietly chat. Our assembly area is where our very many outdoor activities are held.

Guildford Village is a purpose built facility with three cluster homes, each with the capacity to accommodate up to 10 people. The homes are specially designed to house a small group of people with their own living and dining areas. This arrangement enables us to provide our residents with person centered care in a homely environment.

Each house’s dining and living area is equipped with modern and comfortable furniture, flat screen television, a CD player, audio equipment and is air-conditioned. Furthermore, the houses showcases antiques in line with the splendid character of our home and the Guildford. Common areas look out over landscapes that have been strategically designed to provide visual and aromatic stimulus for residents.

All our rooms are air-conditioned and finished to the highest standards with a spacious, single ensuite and a large built-in wardrobe. Rooms are equipped with a comfortable bed, bedspreads and beddings, a bedside table, chair and curtaining. As in the case of the common areas, bedrooms also provide a visual stimulus with their stunning outlooks. A homely environment is created when residents bring their own furniture, including family pictures, furniture pieces and other individual items. The personalised bedroom provides our residents with a sense of ownership and a home to call their own.