Our Residence

Founded in 1996, Guildford Village provides accommodation and ageing-in-place care for people with dementia.
The Village nestled in beautiful historic Guildford places emphasis on traditional values, ethics and honour providing our ageing–in place residents a home away from home.

Guildford Village offers a new approach to live-in care for people with dementia. Our residents enjoy the benefits of a home-away-from-home feel – while maintaining their privacy, security and level of independence they need. We offer all the benefits of home care, with the added advantage of having services available on-site, around the clock. The beauty of this approach means we can adjust our services to meet the changing needs of our residents.

We strive for the latter years of our loved ones to be filled with love, laughter, and joy combined with modern medicine.
Guildford Village is fully accredited by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

Our home is your home

Guildford Village has several spacious outdoor areas and beautiful gardens that create a calming, peaceful environment. Our residents use these spaces to enjoy quiet time to themselves, to emotionally recharge, to meditate or to chat with visitors and fellow residents. Our outdoor area is a hub for various activities offered for the enjoyment of our residents.

As the facility is located adjacent to two parks, residents can take relaxing walks, are encouraged to chat with people from the local community, watching children play or just enjoying the views of the rose gardens and other outdoor delights.

Purpose-Built Facility

Our purpose-built facility has three cluster homes, each accommodating up to 10 residents and designed to house a small group of people, with their own living and dining areas.
This configuration enables Guildford staff to provide person-centred care in a homely environment while allowing residents to enjoy both privacy and independence and a communal atmosphere.

Each home’s dining and living area are equipped with modern, comfortable furniture, a flat-screen television, kitchen, audio equipment and air-conditioning. Reflecting the history and character of Guildford, the house provides a stylish nod to the past, showcasing beautiful antiques. Our common areas enjoy stunning views of landscapes that have been designed to promote visual and aromatic stimulus for residents.

Your Room

It is your home, so we encourage residents and families to personalise your individual bedroom. Bring your photos, ornaments and favourite treasures to make you feel at home.

Your room features :

  • Remote-controlled, adjustable bed, fitted with a quality bedspread and bedding
  • Spacious ensuite
  • Large, built-in wardrobe
  • Comfy armchair
  • Lockable bedside table
  • Curtains
  • Call bells
  • Reverse-cycle air-conditioning unit